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What We Do

  • Is the camp an all-day, over-night camp?

    Yes, all campers will be provided on-campus housing in Madelaine-Lorraine Hall on the St. Norbert College campus. All rooms accommodate two campers. If you’ll be attending the camp with a friend or relative and have a roommate preference, please communicate that in the registration questionnaire.


  • I live pretty close to Green Bay. Do I have to stay on-campus or can I commute from home each day? And… is there a discounted price if I don’t stay on campus?

    Campers are not required to stay on campus, however we highly recommend that they do. Why? We want to build a vibrant community within our camp and believe that strong camaraderie and friendships will be formed because of the time everyone spends together on and off the field.


  • Will there be chaperones in the dorms each night?

    Yes, absolutely!
    We’ll do our best to tire out the campers during the day so they'll be tired before the official curfew.


  • Will your coaches, chaperones, and volunteers be trained and undergo background checks?

    Yes. We place the safety and well-being of all of our campers and our team at the highest level. All of our camp’s coaches, chaperones, and volunteers will have to pass a background check and go through Virtus training.

    Please click the following link for more information about Virtus...


  • Will you have a trainers / medical staff present at the camp in case of any injuries and/or illnesses?

    Yes. We have a contract with Prevea Sports Medicine for on-site care each day of the camp to tend to the physical needs of all campers in case of any injuries or health-related concerns.


  • Do I have to be Catholic to attend OLOV Football Camp?

    No, it is not required that campers be Catholic to attend.

    However, all campers will be expected to attend all activities each day of the camp.


  • Will Mass be celebrated at the camp?

    Is the Pope Catholic?! Yes, there will be daily Mass celebrated each day of the camp. And just like the attendance at the on-field and off-field instruction sessions is mandatory, so is Mass.


  • Will Reconciliation be offered?

    Yes, campers will be encouraged to go to Confession while at the camp. However, the decision to receive this Sacrament will be left to each individual camper.